2648 Graduates 70 Olympic medals




Moscow Olympic College №1 is an elite educational institution that combines general education and athletes preparation for Moscow and Russia national teams. The main athletes' goal is Olympic Games participation.


Name: Moscow Olympic College №1

Date of creation: October 1, 1971

Founder: Moscow Department of Sport


Sport types: Badminton; Boxing; Wrestling; Handball; Judo; Athletics; Table tennis; Trampoline; Artistic Gymnastics; Archery; Taekwondo; Rhythmic gymnastics


Education types:

primary education (3 years – grades 2-4)

general education (5 years - grades 5-9)

secondary education (2 years – grades 10-11)

secondary vocational education, specialty 49.02.01 «Physical Education» (secondary general education basis - 2 years 10 months, basic general education basis - 3 years 10 months)


Full-time form of education (Russian language) with selected sport daily two-time training. College graduates receive the qualification "Teacher of Physical Education and Sports".


Graduates: 2869

World-class athletes: 226

Olympic Games participants: 155

Olympic medals: 62 (gold – 26, silver – 14, bronze – 22)