Dear applicants! 
We are glad to announce the start of admission campaign to the Moscow College of Olympic Reserve №1. 
Here in our college you can balance doing professional sport with education which is based on modern approaches, supported by distant learning technologies. Join our big team and let us create your future together!


«Mostly thanks to the work of the Moscow Olympic College №1, the Russian Olympic team consists largely of Moscow athletes..."

Sergey Sobyanin



GBPOU "MSSUOR№1" of Moskomsport opens a distant admission campaign

We select students to the specialty «Physical Education»

We invite applicants to enter our College after grades 9 and 11.

Education on the specialty 49.02.01 «Physical Education»

Based on 9th grade - 3 y. 10 months.

Based on 11th grade - 2 y. 10 months.


Cost of education:

Full-time education-130,000 thousand rubles / year

Distant education-35,000 thousand rubles / year


+7 (916) 625-95-00 Daria Koroleva



Dear applicants, fill in the form as detailed as possible.

Send documents to priemuor1@mail.ru, indicating your name in the subject line of the letter.

After filling in the application, your username and password will be sent to your mail for your testing

List of documents:

Classification book of the athlete or the order on assignment of a sports category

Certificate of education from an educational organisation (report card)/certificate

Medical report on the results of your detailed check-up (if available)

Человек, работающий из дома

"We have graduated from this school, and became not just champions, but the champions of the Olympic Games ..."

Julia Barsukova


"First and the best ..."

Sofya Velikaya


«Wonderful conditions, burning eyes, and most importantly the continuity of generations …»

Alexander Karelin



  • School education - 2nd-11th grade



  • Rhythmic gymnastics

  • Gymnastics

  • Trampoline

  • Archery

  • Judo

  • Freestyle wrestling

  • Greco-Roman wrestling

  • Women’s  wrestling

  • Boxing

  • Taekwondo

  • Table tennis

  • Badminton

  • Track and field

  • Handball


Address: 105484, Moscow, st. 16th Parkovaya, house 17, building 2.

Sports department


8 (977) 750-56-80

E-mail: uor1@mossport.ru

Educational department

Phone: 8 (495) 465-92-01

8 (916) 625-95-00



1. The application in the College (download the template application)

2. Passport + copy of passport – 2 pieces

3. Birth certificate + copy

4. Social security number (copy)

5. Diary (the report card must have the seal of the school and the signature)

6. For applicants to the 1st year – a certificate of education

7. For applicants to the 10th and 11th grades – the document of state sample about education (certificate)

8. Characteristics from the school

9. Athlete's classification book or certificate of MS or MSMK

10. Photos (3 x 4) - 12 pieces

11. Certificate from the place of residence (extract from the house register)

12. The assigned certificate (for young men over the age of 16)

13. Federation recommendation for sport agreed with the Moscow Sports Committee

14. Medical documents:

Doctor’s note form 86-U;

School medical records form 26-U

Vaccination medical records form 63-U;

Doctor’s note from the dentist (the oral cavity must be sanitized);

Doctor’s note from a narcologist (for students reaching 15 years of age);

Doctor’s note from a psychoneurologist;

Doctor’s note of no contact with infectious patients last 21 days;

Doctor’s note of examination for pediculosis (14 days before admission);

ECG (with transcription);


MMI policy + copy (2 PCs.);

HBsAg analysis (doctor’s note of absence of hepatitis B);

EEG (for boxers);

MRI of the brain (for boxers).

15. The letter of attorney (Consent) from the parents to the coach for underage students.

Medical documents are issued at the applicant's place of residence!

Applicants are allowed to interview if they have all the above documents!

Contact information of the admissions Committee:

Address: 105484, Moscow, st. 16th Parkovaya, house 17, building 2.

Phone number:

8(977) 750-56-80

E-mail: uor1@mossport.ru

Contact information of the MSSUOR №1 medical center:

Address: 105484, Moscow, st. 16th Parkovaya, house 17, building 1.

Phone number:


E-mail: uor1@mossport.ru


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